As she dreams (in hopes they are of me) on the other end of the phone in a peaceful slumber miles away, here i am listening for the faintest sound of her breathing while my mind races over every possible thing I can think about her in a matter of seconds. I think if you’re up in the late hours of the night you’re in love or missing someone, or in my case, both.

I think of her unique way with words and all the sweet things she writes me often and all the mushy, lovey things she says to me. She doesn’t think she’s as good at writing as I am, but I disagree. I’ve yet to decide if this is because they are HER words of what’s inside her intriguing mind, or if it’s because she has a knack for making even three simple words take on a whole new meaning and instill emotions in me I never knew existed. Her words consume me and ignite a flame deep inside me, all the way down to the butterflies that are still there from the moment I first kissed her. I breathe her words in like oxygen- letting them overtake me and flow through my veins. So maybe it’s that-
Or maybe it’s the way her voice sounds as she reads these words to me, because ah, her voice… if there ever was a Heaven, it is found in her voice. It is only when she speaks to me I am transfixed in bliss. It doesn’t matter what that voice is doing, whether it be the serious and captivating way it sounds as she’s reading something to me; or the cute, childlike way it sounds when she gets sleepy; or the seductive and sadistic way it sounds when she’s turned on; or the happy, flirty way it sounds when she’s tipsy and giggling nonstop; or the heart-melting, stomach-fluttering sound it makes when she’s laughing uncontrollably; or the sweet and loving way it sounds when she says, “I love you”-
Yes, her voice is definitely where solitude can be found. But wait, what about her smile? No, I could never forget the way my heart races and the way my chest tightens when I see her radiating smile. The way her mouth forms the most perfect shape and the soothing look she gets in her beautiful, green eyes as they light up and shout, “I’M HAPPY”-
If her eyes talk so loudly, what about her hair and the way every tendril falls so perfectly into place? The way she lets it down and it screams my name to grab at the nape of her neck tightly and pull her lips into mine-
Oh, her lips… if there ever was a God, he is the one responsible for these lips and what they do to me. The way her lips leave me breathless and weak in the knees when I kiss them. They leave me insatiable- I’m always wanting more and more and more. Kissing someone has never given me such a feeling of ecstasy. If there’s one thing I cannot live without, it’s her lips and kissing them as I run my hands down her body to her hips-
Her body. How I cannot keep my hands off of it. Her delectable neck that she never lets me kiss because I can’t control myself when she does cave in; her stomach and how it calls my name to plant kisses all over it; her hips and how I want nothing more than to dig my nails into them; her cute butt and how I spend more time staring at it than she can fathom; her perfect legs and how I want nothing more than to sink my teeth into them; her hands and the effect they have on me- how they light a fire deep inside me engulfing my entire being in flames.

As I look at the seconds of our phone call tick away and sleep finally consumes me I ease my racing mind with one final thought: she’ll never know that while she was sleeping on the other end I was awake thinking of anything and everything I love about her.


- This is a thing I wrote just now. I think I’ll call it 2 AM.

Daily dose of love quotes here
"Weak. I had been crying and crying for weeks. How’d I survive when I could barely speak, barely eat, on my knees? But that’s the moment you came to me. I don’t know what your love has done to me. Think I’m invincible. I see through the me I used to be. You changed my whole life. Don’t know what you’re doing to me with your love. I’m feeling all superhuman. You did that to me. A superhuman heart beats in me. Now they can’t stop me here with you." 3
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