what has fame done to sia????

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"fuck it’s midnight and
i want you here right now and
i want your arms and smile and
i want your tongue and lips and
i want your legs and hips and
i want to wrap around you and
i want to feel safe and sound and
i want soft skin on mine and
i want hands intertwined"

- Isabella Solis (via propagaynda)

"I’ve reached a new level of missing you.
I just can’t take my clothes off
when you’re not spending the night.
My jacket smells of cigarettes and Chanel
left from when you hugged me goodbye.
There’s a warmth in my jeans
that’s reminiscent of the way
you rubbed your hand against my lap and knees
when we exchanged mischievous whispers
at the diner bar seats.
My shirt is still wet from
running around town in the rain,
and I’m not sure if the sweat stains
are mine or yours or both,
but I don’t care. It’s going to be
too long before I get to see you again,
so I’m sleeping in my bed
with all these memories sewn into the fabrics
filling in for you, but they’re always
never enough."


I need you to take them off for me (by Jai R.)

ugh feels.

"Please don’t fall in love
With anyone else
Please please please
Don’t hold their hand and trace circles on their thumb with yours
Oh god, please don’t
Kiss their lips and tell them they’re gorgeous
Please don’t please
Kiss every inch of their body and tell them that god made them perfect
Don’t oh god don’t
Grab them by their waist and whisper in their ear that they’re all yours forever
And please don’t oh god don’t
Tell them that you love them, always and promise them a future with wedding bells and a white dress and kids and a big house and your morning breath and kisses and smiles whenever they say something funny, worst yet your laugh or your touch at 2am when they can’t sleep
Oh god please
Don’t make them fall in love with you just like I did"


4:20am and I miss us a lot (via flawlesslystarving)

holy shit this is depressing as fuck but so beautiful at the same time.

"my eyes are heavy
my mind is numb
yet somehow-
you are the only thing thing I can think about"

- 1 am thoughts (via azealia-raven)


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