Meep 1
I can be a girl when I choose to be! 2
Not sure how much I’m diggin this girly look 3
Made it my mission to not get out of bed at all today. 2
I am competing in my first half-marathon in April and here’s the training schedule for it. I’m so excited! 2
Hi, guise. :3 4
Oh hai. 12
My new tattoo. It’s much bigger than I wanted it to be and I’m not as pleased with it as I thought I would be, but I still love it! 99

If you sleep regular hours then you’re a square.

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Here it is, lovelies!


P.S. I mention some Tumblr people I’d totally fuck. Unf

Love is horseshit!

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That awkward moment when people misuse “that awkward moment when…”

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I got bored my old job. 7
My friend Sofie made me a girl for the day! 10
Oh, hey.
This is me trying to be cute. 28
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